Mice consume the highly attractive sleepAWAY™ bait and become sedated. They can be released safely and humanely.

Catchmaster™ Mouse Inn™

The Gentle and Effective Mouse Trapping System.

Catchmaster Mouse Inn™ is a “live-catch” rodent trap that utilizes an easy to set one-way door design that ensures a gentle catch the first time and every time. Once mice pass through the door they cannot exit – no false triggers, no escape – until they are released.

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with sleepAWAY™

Valerian Root, an herbal sedative commonly used as a sleep aid and in all-natural/ organic relaxants, is also a powerful rodent bait and attractant. Legend has it that the Pied Piper himself utilized the attractant powers of Valerian to lead the rodents out of Hamelin. Used together, the potent sleepAway™ attractant draws rodents to the Catchmaster™ Mouse Inn™. The trapped mouse will consume the sleepAway™ bait and become relaxed or even fall asleep. The rodent can then be released or disposed of in a sanitary manner.